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Trinity Presbyterian Church
announcements for the week of 2/23 - 3/1/2024


Join Trinity ithis 
2nd Sunday in Lent

Feb. 25thh, 10:00AM

(In person and YouTube)

11AM - Fellowship

Easter Flower Orders/Dedications begin today! (Through Sun. 3/10)


Lenten Holiday Schedule

Sun. 2/25 - Sun. 3/10

Easter Flower Orders/Dedications


Sunday, 3/24

Palm Sunday / Passion Sunday at Trinity, 10AM

with the One Great Hour of Sharing Special Offering


Thursday, 3/28

Maundy Thursday, 7PM (at New Life)

A Tri-church Worship Service

At New Life Presbyterian Church, Roseville (together w/Trinity & North Presb.)

(YouTube streaming will be available.)



Sunday, 3/31

Easter/Resurrection of the Lord at Trinity, 10AM

Easter Flower Dedications (Please take home flowers today)


Trinity Easter Worship at Stonecrest Senior Living - 1PM

***Lenten devotionals are still available in the office. Request yours today!***
Contact Pastor April with questions.



Trinity Church Calendar - Upcoming Events

2/15-2/20 - Pastor April out of town.

2/17 - Sat. Men's Breakfast, 8AM-9:30AAM

2/18 - 1st Sunday in Lent. Roderick Oji visiting/preaching today.

2/18 - ACLO After Church Lunch Outing (Look for DeLaura in the Narthex at 11am)

2/22 - Deadline: Lions Club Sale (2 volunteer organizers needed by today, 2/22)

2/22 - Stated Session Meeting at 7PM

2/25 - 2nd Sunday in Lent, Sunday Morning Worship at 10AM

2/25 to 3/10 - Easter Flower Orders/Dedications begin today! Order forms available at Trinity.

3/2 - Men's Breakfast, 8AM-930AM

3/3 - 3rd Sunday in Lent, Sunday Morning Worship with Communion

3/3 - FSSF New Topic: What does it mean to be Presbyterian? Meets 1st/3rd Sundays.

3/6 - Agape Meal at North Presb. Church at 6pm. Bring: 1 tray finger foods

3/8 - Game Night (at Freemans) 7pm.

3/10 - Caring & Sharing Worship/4th Sunday in Lent - Mission project: assembly of gift jars.

3/10 - Easter flower orders/dedications are due to the church office today.

3/12 - Tue., Deacons/CCMT (Care Coordinator Ministry Team) meets, 9AM

3/14 - Committees Meet at 6 & 7 PM

3/16 - Sat. Men's Breakfast, 8AM-930AM


3/17 - 5th Sunday in Lent, Sunday Morning Worship

3/17 - ACLO (After Church Lunch Outing at 11:15am)

3/17 - FSSF (Sunday Soul Feast meets at 11:15am. New Topic: What does it mean to be Presbyterian? (1st/3rd Sundays)

3/21 - Session Meets Thurs. 3/21 (1 wk early due to Maundy Thursday on Thur. 3/28).

3/24 - Palm/Passion Sunday with One Great Hour of Sharing Special Offering

3/28 - Maundy Thursday, 7PM at New Life Presb. in Roseville (Tri-church Worship w/Trinity & North Presb.)

3/31 - Easter Sunday/Resurrection of the Lord with Holy Communion (w/Easter Flower Dedications & flower pick up). 

3/31 - Trinity Easter Worship at Stonecrest Senior Living at 1PM

Trinity Lions Club Sale is a "GO!"

The Session has approved the concept of a Trinity Garage Sale at the time of the Woodbury Community Garage Sale sponsored by the Lion’s Club in May. A big thank you goes out to our volunteer event organizers: Katharine Upson and Rita Thomas with Greg VanderVeer assisting them. Without your help, the sale would not be happening. Everyone... please watch for more details to be announced in the coming weeks. Questions? See Pastor April. 

NEW! 1st & 3rd Sundays Soul Feast UPDATe

Now Meets both 1st & 3rd Sundays & New Topic!

The topic for March, April, May Study: What Does It Mean to Be Presbyterian?

We will meet on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month. This group meets at approximately 11:15AM. All are invited to attend. There is no preparation necessary. Leader guides/discussion materials are in the black 3 ring binder in the office (on main counter). We hope to see you. Please contact Pastor April if you have questions.

Complete a trinity Survey for Defining Christian Education

Please take a few minutes to complete Trinity's online survey. By completing the survey, you will help your church set a focus for 2024 for Christian Education at Trinity Presbyterian Church of Woodbury. The survey was emailed to you on Thursday, 2/8 & 2/20. There are also paper copies in the church office. If you are not subscribed to the church BLASTS, you will not receive the survey. Please contact the office to subscribe to church news feeds. Thank you for your participation.

Agape Meal - Wed. Eve, 3/6 (at North PresbYTERIAN CHURCH)

Join us for The Lord's Supper at the Table of Christian Fellowship...Wednesday, March 6th, 6:00 pm, Meisenheimer Hall, North Presbyterian Church, Bring: 1 tray of finger foods


This Lent, North Presbyterian Church invites you to celebrate an ancient Christian custom. All are welcome to gather together for music, fellowship, worship, and a light supper. Hosted by our Elders and Deacons, the evening promises to be a fun and inspiring gathering!


In the first years of Christianity Christians gathered to worship God, to praise Jesus Christ, to enjoy their fellowship, and share the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. They called their gatherings “Agape Meals” from the Greek word for supreme, perfect love.


Dress comfortably and bring a tray of “finger food” to share. Our Elders and Deacons will circulate around the room as they did long ago making sure everyone has enough to eat. Table service and beverage will be provided.


We will glorify God through our singing, listen to special music, read scripture, share prayers and the Lord's Supper at our dinner tables, just like the early Christians did long ago in Jerusalem. It'll be an evening to remember!


3/28 Maundy Thursday evening worship at New Life of Roseville 

(TRI-CHURCH Worship @ 7PM)

Join Trinity at New Life Presbyterian church in Roseville on Thursday, March 28th 7:00PM for a tri-church Maundy Thursday worship service. Trinity will partner with local Presbyterian churches, North Presbyterian Church of N. St. Paul and New Life Presbyterian Church of Roseville. This service will be viewable both in person at New Life & on New Life's YouTube channel. We look forward to worshipping with you!

Prayer shawls are needed!

In the past, Trinity members have created comforting Prayer Shawls for those undergoing stressful times such as medical procedures, or after a loss. The prayer shawl supply at Trinity is completely depleted, and the need for comfort continues. Can you help to make more? You are invited to be a part of this meaningful ministry! All types of fabric crafters and yarn weavers are invited. Please let Pastor April know if you would like to help.

Bells: 6pm & Choir 7PM - Wednesdays

Please defer to your choir director's communications for specific hours and holiday/seasonal changes.


Trinity Meetings IN March

Committees:  Thur. 3/14

CCMT/Deacon Meeting: Tues. 3/12 at 9AM


Stated Session Meetings 
February meeting: 2/22, 7PM
March meeting: Thursday, 3/21 (Session is meeting a week early due to 3/28 Maundy Thursday worship)

Ladie's LUNCH BUNCH - More infor to come for March

All of the women of Trinity are invited to join us for a Ladies Lunch Bunch gathering. Details for the March gathering will be available soon. Turnout for the last 2 gatherings has been wonderful!  Lunch Bunch meets once per month, generally on the second Thursday, at a local restaurant. RSVP's are required due to group size and proper planning. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Rooney. We hope to see you! 

Men's Breakfast- 1st & 3rd Saturdays!

All men of Trinity are invited to join us for men's breakfast in Trinity's fellowship hall on the 1st and the 3rd Saturdays each month. The hours are 8-9:30 am. Please let Tom Rooney know if you are interested or if you have questions. 


FSSF New Toic "What does it mean to be presbyterian?" 

Join Trinity every first and third Sunday of the month for Sunday Soul Feast! All are welcome. Meet after the worship service in the fellowship hall.  Discussion guides are located in the church office (black 3-ring binder). No preparation is necessary. Meets at approx. 11:15am. 

ACLO(after Church Lunch Outing) See notes below...

Let's get to know each other better at an After Church Lunch Outing!  For  MAR, DeLaura will lead ACLO. Please look for her in the narthex at 11AM (approx). She will lead the group until Brad W. returns to leading. Details: ACLO is the perfect way to get to know each other better. Every third Sunday, all who are interested meet in the church entry/narthex to decide where to go as a group (generally not too pricey). The idea is enjoy a meal together and learn more about each other. All are welcome!


Trinity QR Code For Giving

You can now give to Trinity Presbyterian Church by using Trinity’s QR Code! Either scan the barcode with your smartphone or scan it with "QR Code Reader" (phone application). It's convenient, secure and fast. You can go to the giving page on the website to learn more. Thank you.


trinity's visitor/Welcome bags

Did you know that Trinity has welcome bags to present to visitors on Sundays? If you notice a new face or new family, please present them with a welcome bag from the cupboard in the office. The cupboard is labled "Visitor Bags"

Church Security

Please Check All Doors.When locking Trinity's doors, please be sure to pull/check/tug on each individual door. Specifically, please double check the main double doors which has 2 doors. Please give each of the doors a good tug just to be sure they both have been properly set to LOCK MODE (using the door pin) and they have latched/closed 100%. Thank you!

Visit Trinity on instagram!



Next Game night: Friday, 3/8, 7pm

Gather at the Freeman home! Join your Trinity friends for Game Night FUN! Game night is generally the 2nd Friday of the month (unless otherwise announced). If you have a favorite game, suggest it or simply bring it along to the gathering! Please note: Covid-19 vaccination required. Please contact Brad Wright with any questions.


Let Your light shine! - CCMT Team (Cormerly the Deacons)

Have you considered how you might be helpful at Trinity? At the same time have you been reluctant to volunteer because you are not able to commit to something long-term? Let's talk! We are looking for members to serve as Care Partners, often on a one-time basis. James 1:17 tells us every gift is from God. We all have different talents and God-given gifts. They are all important and can be used to serve God’s kingdom.For more information speak with one of the team: Kathie Wilkinson, Angela Roesler, Jane Willison, Jane Williams, Gayle Strand and Katharine Upson. We're excited to share the possibilities with you! Let your light shine!!!

 Are you getting Trinity's Church text alerts? Trinity texts all congregants 2x per month with important reminders. If you have not told Trinity to add your phone #, you are not yet on the list. Contact the office to sign up! 

Subscribe to the Friday News Blast (Trinity's weekly church news email) Trinity emails congregants every Friday with important reminders. If you have not directly subscribed to the Blast, you are not yet on the email list. Contact the office to sign up the email address that you would like to authorize the church to send it to. 

congregational DIRECTORY

Trinity consistently updates the contacts of the directory. If you have any household updates, or would like to submit a directory photo, please contact the church office. Note: The information in the directory is for Trinity families only. Every listing in the directory is there for your convenience. Not every listing is that of an official "member," as some are regular attendees, frequent visitors or even relatives of the congregation. Please contact the office with your current info. Thank you. 

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