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Trinity Presbyterian Church
announcements for the week of 9/22-9/29

This Sunday, 9/24

Join Trinity in Welcoming Back...

Rev. Robert Hamilton

Message: Table Etiquette of Grace

11AM - Fellowship

Rev. Robert Hamilton will be preaching at Trinity from 9/7-11/5 (Rev. Cindy Ray on 10/22)


This Saturday - Fall Clean Up "Cherish Your Church"

Join your Trinity friends this Saturday as we clean up the church grounds together. And yes… donuts and coffee will be served! Just show up with some work gloves and a water bottle. Plan to meet at 9am-Noon. If weather is bad, we will postpone a week and clean up on Sat, 9/30, same time. We hope to see you. And take some photos as you spruce up Trinity’s grounds. They are wonderful to put in the monthly church newsletter! Thank you everyone!!! Trinity’s clean up crew is such a blessing.

NEw - Trinity Prayer Chain Instruction

NEW - Visiting Pastors & Prayer Requests on Sundays - On Sundays, if you have a prayer request, please take a moment to pick up a Trinity Prayer Chain card located both in the office, or on top of the plexiglass lectern in the narthex (or any piece of paper is sufficient). The Prayer Chain requests should be placed inside the basket labeled Trinity Prayer Chain. The basket will be located at the sanctuary entrances. These will be collected after the service and brought to the office. As you might imagine,  it is a challenge for visiting pastors to catch all of the correct names and prayer details during a worship service. Verbal prayer requests are still welcomed during the service.  Again, to be sure that your request goes directly to the prayer chain, written requests are needed. Thank you for your understanding. Church office email: Trinity’s Prayer Chain will receive all written requests on the following Tuesday morning via email. Please write as clearly as possible. Pastor April is copied on all Prayer Chain emails as well. If you have an urgent prayer need, please email or call the church office. An urgent prayer request will be processed for the Prayer Chain as soon as it is received by church staff.


Again, thank you for following these guidelines when a visiting pastor preaches at Trinity. If you have questions, please see Brad Wright. He has offered to help with any Prayer Chain questions you may have.

Church office email address is:


A Note from the Misson Committee:
Fall is here and the schools in South Washington County district are in full swing. Trinity’s Mission Committee would like to invite the congregation to join with us for the opportunity to donate some winter supplies for children in need in the school district.


From October 15th through November 12th, we will be collecting NEW warm socks, hats and WATERPROOF gloves/mittens for these children. We will not have a list of specific children with clothing needs as we have done in the past. Please purchase any of these items for children in preschool through high school.


Watch for the collection bins in the Welcome Room or between the front 2 doors of the church. We will be delivering these items to the school district the Monday before Thanksgiving.


As a community building event, Trinity's Community Outreach and Communications Committee is putting together a Trinity cookbook. Good food has always been a strength at Trinity! We are looking for your favorite recipes with stories or remembrances of them. We ask that you please try to give some general instructions to follow for those that don’t typically use recipes.


Deadline: Please email your recipes and remembrances to Brad Wright by Sunday, October 15th. If you have questions, please contact Brad W. at


Upcoming events

9/23 - Saturday, FALL CHURCH CLEAN UP Day! 9am-12pm. Bring a water bottle & some gloves. Coffee and treats will be provided. Rain out date is Sat. 9/30.

9/24 Rev Robert Hamilton Preaching, Message: Table Etiquette of Grace


9/28 - Session Meeting moderated by Pastor James York, Thurs, 9/28, 7PM


9/28 - Sunday, RSVP's are due today for the "10/8 - Taste of Italy" (an italian meal while Pastor April & family are touring Rome, Italy).


9/30 - Back up Date for Church Clean UP --- If Saturday 9/23 gets rained out, Sat. 9/30 will be our rain out date!


10/1 - Communion Sunday & Peace & Global Witness Offering at Trinity on 10/1.

10/1 - FSSF topic: David, 11AM


10/8 - "A Taste of Italy" - While Pastor April and her family tour Rome, Italy, the congregation will enjoy an italian meal! Please RSVP by Sept. 28th, as it is a catered meal. This event is part of the Lilly Grant. Details: Sunday, 10/8 at 11:30AM.


10/15 - Sunday, Moment for Mission (during worship service)

10/15 - Sunday School from 11:15-12:15pm. Lesson 10 (Matthew 5:10)


10/22 - Welcome to Rev. Cindy Ray (preaching at Trinity). Read more about Pastor Cindy in the September issue of Trinity's Pathways Newsletter.

10/22 - Sunday, Moment for Mission (during worship service)


10/22 - Sunday, RSVP's are due today for BREAD BAKING w/Chef Ross.


10/26 - Thursday, Session Meeting 7PM, Moderated by Pastor James York.

10/29 - Sunday, Moment for Generosity (during worship service)


10/29 - Sunday, Bread Baking Lesson with Chef Jason Ross, 11:30am - 1:30pm. Please bring a large mixing bowl. RSVP by 10/22, to allow for the purchase of supplies. Bread will be for all and for the Pastor's communion bread supply. This event is supported by the Lilly Grant.


11/2 - RSVPS are due today for Pastor April's "11/12, Welcome Back Meal."


11/5 - Communion Sunday Service - Robert Hamilton preaching. Pastor April is back from her sabbatical and will serve as Trinity's liturgist.


11/12 - Generosity Sunday at Trinity

11/12 - Welcome Back Pastor April Luncheon / & Generosity Sunday" - Join Trinity in welcoming back Pastor April! Trinity will serve a catered meal and Pastor April will share some sabbatical photos! Please be sure to RSVP by 11/2 to allow for planning this special catered meal. This event supported by the Lilly Grant. Details: Sunday, 11/21, 11:30AM.


11/19 - Sunday School from 11:15-12:15pm. Lesson 11 (Matthew 5:11-12)

Sunday School in October: SUN, 10/15, 11:15-12:15pm 

OCT 15 - Beatitudes Lesson #10: Matthew 5:10

Blessed are Those who are Prosecuted.


NOV 19 - Lesson #11: Matthew 5:11-12

Blessed are You When...


DEC 17 - Lesson #12: Matthew 4:23-5:12

Coming Down the Mountain

fssf - NEW! Old Testament Figures (Sundays @ 11AM)

Join Trinity every first Sunday of the month for First Sunday Soul Feast! All are welcome. The discussion topics will be changing to Old Testament figures of the Bible October: DAVID.


Pastor April will be supplying the discussion guides for 6 OT figures, then 6 NT figures will follow. Sign up to help lead a discussion on the clipboard in the fellowship hall.

ACLO(after Church Lunch Outing) 10/15 

What is ACLO? Let's get to know each other better with lunch outings! All interested, please gather in narthex post-worship (look for Brad Wright) and we will all go out to lunch! All are welcome to attend every 3rd Sunday monthly. We can decide on a reasonable location once we gather. Questions? Please contact the event organizer, Brad W.


Trinity QR Code For Giving

You can now give to Trinity Presbyterian Church by using Trinity’s QR Code! Either scan the barcode with your smartphone or scan it with "QR Code Reader" (phone application). It's convenient, secure and fast. You can go to the giving page on the website to learn more. Thank you.

10/29 -  Bake Homemade Bread with Chef Jason Ross! 

Join Trinity after Sunday worship on October 29th from 11:30 am to 1:30pm for Baking Homemade Bread with Chef Jason Ross! The bread will be both for individual consumption, and also for the pastor's bread used on communion Sundays (to be stored in the church freezer). RSVP's are needed by 10/22, to allow for the purchase of supplies. (Funded through the Lilly Grant). ***Please bring a large mixing bowl to the event!


Biography: Jason Ross grew up and completed his culinary training in New York City, then built a successful career at high-profile restaurants including Bouley, Aquavit, and Solera, where he served as executive chef. He has been an instructor at Saint Paul College since 2006, where the best part of the job is getting the opportunity to work with former students in the field.

“One thing we do really well is create students who are workforce ready,” says Ross. “They are scrappy, hardworking, and have a goal and idea of what they want.”


trinity's visitor/Welcome bags

Did you know that Trinity has welcome bags to present to visitors on Sundays? If you notice a new face or new family, please present them with a welcome bag from the cupboard in the office. The cupboard is labled "Visitor Bags"

The Lilly Grant & Pastor Arpil's Sabbatical (9/6-11/6) 

At a congregational meeting in February of 2022, Trinity unanimously approved the grant application for a Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Grant. Discussed at the congregational meeting were the details of the grant application, which included Pastor April being away on sabbatical in February and March 2023 and September and October 2023. Her time away in early 2023 included rest, exercise, writing, reading, baking, as well as, a stay in Florida with five female clergy colleagues and a visit to Napa, California to run the Napa Half Marathon, learn how wine is made, rest, read, and savor the scenery.


Her time away in late 2023 includes rest, exercise, writing, reading, baking, an eight-day family trip to Rome and a four-day stay at Our Lady of Grace monastery in Beech Grove, Indiana.


In August of 2022, Trinity found out that its application for the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Grant was approved. Now the time is drawing near for Pastor April to be away. The grant provides for Pastor April, but it also provides for activities of renewal for Trinity. In the fall of 2023, part of September, October, and one week in November, Rev. Robert Hamilton will preach all Sundays, which the exception being Rev. Cindy Ray preaching October 22nd. Pastor James York from North Presbyterian Church will moderate session in September and October. In the event a member passes away while Pastor April is gone, Emilia Effiom will be the contact person who will reach out to designated pastors for memorial service coverage. In the event of an urgent congregational care need, members can provide information to Amy in the office who will contact Brad Wright and Kathie Wilkinson. Brad and Kathie will arrange for a follow-up phone call or visit from Deacons/Care Coordinators, Elders or Rev. Bill Peake, and communicate prayer requests to Amy for addition to the prayer chain.


Congregational engagement and renewal opportunities during Fall include the  ongoing First Sunday Soul Feast Discussions, gathering recipes and stories for a church-wide cookbook (watch for information in the September newsletter),  October 8th catered Italian lunch while Pastor April and her family are in Italy, a baker coming to Trinity to instruct on making bread both for individual consumption and pastor’s communion bread to be stored in the freezer, and a catered return lunch after worship on Sunday, November 12th.


This time of renewal will benefit both your pastor and you, the congregation. It is with deep gratitude and trust in the Holy Spirit that we are called to deepen our relationship to God and embrace this time of renewal.She returns to the office November 6.

RSVP soon for Congregational Sabbatical Events

Please contact the office or sign up on on the office clipboards.  


10/8 - "A Taste of Italy - Italian Meal" - While Pastor April and her family tour Rome, Italy, the congregation will also get a "taste of Italy" with a catered italian meal! Please RSVP on or before Sept. 28th  (Funded through the Lilly Grant).

10/29 - Sunday, Bake Homemade Bread with Chef Jason Ross! Time: 11:30-1:30pm.

Details: ***Please bring a large mixing bowl with you to the lesson!

RSVP on or before 10/22 to allow for purchase of supplies (Funded through the Lilly Grant).

11/12 - "Pastor April's Welcome Back Meal" - Join Trinity for a "Welcome Back Pastor April"catered brunch.  She will share some travel photos that day. Rsvp on or before 11/2. 

(Funded through the Lilly Grant).

Church Security

Please Check All Doors.When locking Trinity's doors, please be sure to pull/check/tug on each individual door. Specifically, please double check the main double doors which has 2 doors. Please give each of the doors a good tug just to be sure they both have been properly set to LOCK MODE (using the door pin) and they have latched/closed 100%. Thank you!

Visit Trinity on instagram!



Next Game night is Friday, OCT 13th, 7pm

Gather at the Freeman home! Join your Trinity friends for Game Night FUN! Game night is generally the 2nd Friday of the month (unless otherwise announced). If you have a favorite game, suggest it or simply bring it along to the gathering! Please note: Covid-19 vaccination required. Please contact Brad Wright with any questions.


Care Coordination Ministry Team (Formerly the Deacons)

Trinity welcomes Gayle and Katharine as our newest members of Trinity's Care Coordination Ministry Team.


Let Your light shine - Trinity Care Coordinaton Ministry Team

Have you considered how you might be helpful at Trinity? At the same time have you been reluctant to volunteer because you are not able to commit to something long-term? Let's talk! We are looking for members to serve as Care Partners, often on a one-time basis. James 1:17 tells us every gift is from God. We all have different talents and God-given gifts. They are all important and can be used to serve God’s kingdom.For more information speak with one of the team: Kathie Wilkinson, Angela Roesler, Jane Willison, Jane Williams, Gayle Strand and Katharine Upson. We're excited to share the possibilities with you! Let your light shine!!!


Bells: 6pm & Choir 7PM - Wed/Sept 20th

Rehearsals are back. See you on September, Wed. the 6th at the usual times. Please defer to your choir director's communications for specific hours and holiday/seasonal changes. 

Are you getting Trinity's Church text alerts? Trinity texts all congregants 2x per month with important reminders. If you have not told Trinity to add your phone #, you are not yet on the list. Contact the office to sign up! 

Subscribe to the Friday News Blast (Trinity's weekly church news email) Trinity emails congregants every Friday with important reminders. If you have not directly subscribed to the Blast, you are not yet on the email list. Contact the office to sign up the email address that you would like to authorize the church to send it to. 

Happy Birthday wishes on your birth month! If you have not done so, please contact the church with your birth month and day  (year is not needed/optional). Trinity sends out occasional notes and even birthday cards during your birthday month! (your birthday is not published anywhere at Trinity). The directory is updated several times throughout the year. If you would like a new copy, there are some available in the office, or you can print one from the website PDF. Thank you!

CCMT/Deacon Meeting:Tues., Oct 10, (9am)
Committee meeting:Thurs, Oct 12, 6&7pm (See Pastor's email for committee meeting times).
Stated session Meeting:Thurs.,Sept. 28th, 7PM moderated by Pastor James York.


congregational DIRECTORY

Trinity consistently updates the contacts of the directory. If you have any household updates, or would like to submit a directory photo, please contact the church office. Note: The information in the directory is for Trinity families only. Every listing in the directory is there for your convenience. Not every listing is that of an official "member," as some are regular attendees, frequent visitors or even relatives of the congregation. Please contact the office with your current info. Thank you. 

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