Friday, Sept 17-24, 2021


Sunday, 9/24 - Join Trinity for Worship

After the service, join Trinity in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments and fellowship! 


PEACE AND GLOBAL WITNESS - Upcoming Special Offering on World Communion Sunday, OCT 3RD. 

On World Communion Sunday, Oct. 3rd, there will be a Peace & Global Witness Offering at Trinity. The Peace and Global Witness offering is one of four special offerings that occur yearly. These special offerings join Presbyterians together as active peacemakers; enabling the church to promote the peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice in our own communities and across the world.  The first of two informational brochures has been included in your Sunday worship materials email for this Sunday, 9/19. The second informational brochure will follow next week, 9/26. Envelopes will then be distributed at Trinity on  Sunday, 10/3! You may choose to send in gifts, give online (see brochure) or use envelopes. Please give generously! When we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. The Special Offerings envelopes will be available in the sanctuary during worship. It is remarkable what your gift can do!!! 

TRUNK or TREAT at TRINITY!  - Community Event of CANDY & CARING

Bring a gift of non-perishable food, and then begin the adventure through the Deacons' very own Trunk or Treat Town at Trinity! Details are being nailed down, such as exact date and time, but watch for more so that you can share the news with your friends and family. It promises to be a grand event! 




Trinity Update: The CDC strongly recommends indoor mask usage regardless of vaccination status.  Please see the updated church policy below... 


Excerpt from Policy amended by Trinity Presbyterian Church Session on August 26, 2021 (Changes are italicized and underlined)

3. Cloth masks will continue to be required inside the church building for those who are not fully vaccinated, including those too young to be vaccinated, including during all indoor worship. Masks for those who are fully vaccinated are strongly recommended (in keeping with CDC recommendations. While social distancing will be voluntary at this phase, activities requiring crowding will not occur.


a. Outside of the building on the church property, wearing of a facial mask is voluntary for all.


b. Inside the church building and outside on the church property, “social distancing” (maintaining at least 6 feet separation from people not in your household unit) is voluntary.


6. Singing during worship services while wearing a mask is required. If one chooses to sing, it is recommended to be softly and not full voice when inside the church building. When outside, full voice is acceptable so long as others nearby do not object, and masks are voluntary. It is recommended that handshakes and hugs be only with those in your household unit. Fist or elbow bumps are an alternative with other people. There will be no live choir singing during indoor worship services. Choir practice and/or recording may occur indoors with those fully vaccinated, without masks, with appropriate distancing.


8. Fellowship/coffee time may occur. Seating at tables shall be limited to one household unit or a maximum of 4 people not in one household unit.

Please Subscribe to Trinity Church News - THE FRIDAY BLAST! Please contact the office with your request to subscribe to the Blast if you are not yet subscribed. All Trinity news, upcoming events and announcements are updated weekly in the Blast.



FUN, FREE EVENT for the FAMILY! Woodbury Community EXPO 2021 - Visit the Trinity Booth! Volunteer to Work at the Booth! Fun for all ages! SAT., OCT 2nd,  10-4pm. Fun for the whole family! Be sure to stop by the Trinity EXPO booth to say hello, play some games and win prizes! Also, please note that Trinity is looking for volunteers to set up and take down the booth and also represent Trinity  at the booth for hourly shifts. If you are interested, please contact pastor April or call/email the church office. Thank you!!!

OUT OF OFFICE - Amy Sachse (Church Office Admin.) will be out of the office the week of Sept 13-17. She will however be in the office for part of the day on Mon & Tue, 9/13 & 14. Please contact Pastor April during this time if you have a need. Thank you. 


Mission Committee - Upcoming Fall/Winter Mission - Watch for early season deals on waterproof mittens/gloves and snow pants/snow bibs (LG sizes especially).

The Mission Committee is looking forward to your help in collecting all sizes of waterproof snow pants and gloves or mittens. As we move into the fall season, businesses tend to put out unsold items from the previous year with bargain pricing. We thought we might be able to keep our eyes out for these sales. The Mission Committee will not receive the actual list of individual winter wear needs, however, Dr. Cheryl Jogger stated that waterproof gloves/mittens are always high-demand items. It is also important to keep in mind that today’s youth are taller than years ago. More large sizes will be needed and a few small to medium sizes. Please watch for more information over the next few weeks for more specific details. 


Kathie Wilkinson will lead the food program. The goal is to feed children by filling boxes, making deliveries with Every Meal, and assisting in any areas where she finds opportunities for Trinity involvement.                     

Serving at the Communion Table - Deacons & Elders - Please sign up on the volunteer board located on the church office door. Thank you!!! 

Did you know that any ordained Deacon or Elder may serve communion? Even those that are not currently serving on the Board of Deacons and/or Session of Elders may serve.


Trinity needs two communion servers each month to serve individuals as they enter Trinity. Please consider this opportunity & sign-up.


The Communion Sign-up Sheet is located on the church office door. Thank you! Please contact Pastor April with questions.


Any Volunteers? There is always a need! Liturgists & Coffee Fellowship hosts Training is available for all positions within Trinity. A BIG THANKS goes out to those of you who have come forward to volunteer for Trinity's "Counting" position!


Upcoming Meetings at Trinity

--Deacons Meeting -  10/13 WED, 9:30 am.

--Committees - 10/14, 6:15 & 7:15 pm

--Session meets nest week - 9/23, 7:00 pm

Friday Night GAME NIGHT - 10/12 @ 7pm

Join the Game Night group! 

Come for loads of fun! If you have any favorite games you like to play, bring them along!

Game night is always on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Please contact Brad Wright with any questions. 

"Spiritual Nourishment For All" has completed the "Letter of Paul to the Philippians" and is currently on break. 

This group will resume soon. Stay tuned!

Questions? Please contact Pastor April.

"Tuesdays @ 2"  has resumed with a new study! 

New Study: Sermon on the Mount: A Beginner's Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven, by Amy-Jill Levine

This study meets on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm for approximately 1 hour. 

"Prayer-Full Pause" with Pastor April 

Wednesdays @ 12:00 noon

on Facebook Live!

DETAILS: 10 minutes of prayer-full pause on Trinity's Facebook page through FACEBOOK LIVE. The prayer-full pause will also be saved on Trinity's FB page and posted on Trinity's website. 

Simpler Church Financial Statements approved by the Session - More information coming soon... At the August meeting of the Session, a proposal was made and approved to simplify our bookkeeping and financial statements by including our mortgage payment in what has been referred to as our Operating/Mission budget. We still have about 5 years remaining for our mortgage payments. When we ask for member estimates of giving for 2022, we will ask everyone to give to one general fund rather than separately to mortgage and operating/mission funds. When asked your plans for 2022, please consider at least the amount you contributed to both funds for 2021. We will have the same or inflated expenses, just being reported as one General Fund.


We have been told that most churches are now including their mortgage payments in this manner and that members have a better understanding of the church’s finances when presented as one “general” fund. We want to encourage a deeper understanding and transparency of where your donations are used for God’s work in our community and in our world.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact any member of the Generosity & Finance Committee. Lee Houck, Chair, John Griffiths, Rick Wasiluk, Jay Wilkinson, Treasurer Dan Freeman, Financial Secretary Stephanie Hoekstra



Lee Houck, Chair, John Griffiths, Rick Wasiluk, Jay Wilkinson, Treasurer Dan Freeman, Financial Secretary Stephanie Hoekstra

Your Continued Giving is Vital to Trinity's Ministries & Mission! 

You can now contribute to Trinity with smartphone texting! 

Trinity welcomes your donations through any method you choose to give. And for those who choose to give electronically, we want to offer a special word of thanks. E-Giving is fast, secure, provides much-needed donation consistency, and strengthens our stewardship program. Electronic and traditional givers accustomed to texting can now give through text giving. Make one-time or recurring offerings by simply sending a text to our secure account at (855) 481-8171. It's a convenient solution when you can't attend services or don't have cash or checks with you. We hope you'll try this new way to give. Stop by the church office to learn more. Trinity thanks you and all givers for supporting our mission. You can also give through Trinity's website.

Church Office Hours


MON 8-4 pm

TUE 8-5 pm

WED 8-4 pm

THUR 8-5 pm

FRI - Closed


Pastor April: M-TH, 9-5pm

Admin Amy: T, W, TH, 9-5pm

For safety reasons, the door may be locked during office hours. If we see you at the door, we will open it for you. Please knock on the main door firmly or call the office if we do not come to the door immediately. 651-738-0045

Men's Breakfast

Meets the 1st & 3rd Saturday monthly via Zoom at 8am. 

Please Contact Tom Rooney with questions!

Do you shop Amazon a lot? Switch to Amazon Smile and your church will benefit!  

Trinity Presbyterian has earned: $224.72 as of AUG 2021. Amazon Smile donates to Trinity every time you shop on Amazon Smile. . Simply choose "Trinity Presbyterian Church of Woodbury" as your charity! Purchases through "amazon smile" support our church with 0.5% of the purchase price being donated to Trinity. "Amazon smile" products and prices are exactly the same as the Amazon site, so please consider purchasing through "Amazon Smile" whenever you make an Amazon purchase. 

Sign up to help others with meals! Join the Deacons' "Crockery Cooking Ministry" In an effort to make meal preparation easier for those willing to help with food support for congregation members in need of meals, the Deacons have launched a variation of the old program called the Crockery Cooking Ministry. To simplify the program members would only be asked to provide a simple main dish and no sides. Simple meals such as soups, chilis or other simple meals that you are already making for your own families will be encouraged. Volunteers could also provide a frozen entre from a store or takeout fare if they get into a time crunch and want to help out. Want to help with this important ministry? Need a meal? Contact Judy Houck, Deacon Moderator

Trinity Prayer Chain - As Trinity expands worship to include YouTube streaming, in addition to Zoom meetings, we want to ensure your prayer requests are included. Besides using the chat function on Zoom for prayer requests, you can email prayer requests to pastor April at: or you can leave a message on pastor April's voicemail. The office sends out the prayer request to the prayer chain team by noon on Tuesdays. 


Scrip orders: Due on OCT 3rd Did you know that Trinity has earned over $900.00 through your SCRIP orders?

What exactly is SCRIP? Scrip is an easy way to purchase all of your favorite gift cards and benefit your church all at the same time! And YES, you do get the EXACT AMOUNT that you pay for. When you order Scrip gift cards, Scrip credits Trinity 2%-12% of your purchase! Orders due the first Sunday of the month. If you would like more information or you want to order SCRIP gift cards, feel free to call the office with questions. There are 500+ vendors. Please note: The final, combined church order must exceed $300 in order to be placed. This is due to shipping/delivery charges for every order. Please consider ordering more than one gift card so that Trinity can meet the $300 total and send out an order each month. Thank you for using the Scrip program! 



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